How to find trusted home improvement contractor in NY

Finding a trusted home improvement contractor is the biggest hurdle when it comes to remodeling, reconstructing or repairing your dream home.

Hiring a licensed home improvement contractor ensures a minimum guarantee that they are safe to be hired. These days most of the contractors advertise ‘licensed and insured’, but however most of us doesn’t realize that this is just a basic requirement for the home improvement contractor & doesn’t fully guarantee the quality of work. The most common work undertaken by the home improvement contractors are reconstructing and repairing sidewalks, driveways, fences and swimming pools.

# The first step

The first step is to determine the amount of work you are expecting a contractor to do. Contractors may range from

Designer-Who undertake both the works of an architect and general contractor

Architects- Who is mainly concerned with designing and structural changes. Including the major renovations which you have in your mind

General contractor-who mainly manages the entire project by himself, by hiring workers and sub-contractors,.

# Research thoroughly

Gather all the information from your co-workers, friends and neighbors who might have hired a contractor in the past for the work you have in your mind. General details such as the amount of satisfaction they had and any other unexpected charge will give an idea about the reliability of the contractor. You can also browse through the various sites offering the similar service and can have a quick glance at the customer rating and number of stars given. The number of years they have been in business will give an approximate idea about the quality of service they have to offer, as we all know in these days of tight competition a provider offering low quality work doesn’t survive for long.

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